Sunday, April 22, 2012


her mouth was enigmatic
and unmoving
her lips would part only to take in air
or to clench her pencil between her teeth

pale skin, sandra
low torso, sandra
black shoulder-length hair, sandra

we were aware of each other

she believed the female body
was much like the ocean
with curious things in curious places
secrets under the sand or in the kelp or in the tide pools
waiting to be uncovered

low torso, sandra

we began writing each other
after school let out for the summer
sending letters through the post
she even sent a picture
a black & white photo
a close up
her head adjusted slightly to the right
gazing at something outside of her 6X4 world

black shoulder-length hair, sandra

she would write about
how she wanted to study celtic mythology
on some study abroad program
how her room was always a mess

i remember how she lost interest in me
repeating past conversations
responding out of courtesy
the letters stopped shortly after

pale skin, sandra

i remember mailing her a cryptogram i had made
with my feelings for her encrypted within

it felt so wrong

black & white photograph, sandra
pushes the hair past her ear, sandra
shoe box full of daydreams, sandra

the thereafter realized lesbian,


--Bryan Gray

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