Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two By Valentina Cano

Dance For A Sun

You’ve been skidding around me
for a few months.
Not enough for me to pull you
like a curtain, towards me,
but plenty to feel you are
tied to the piece of string around my neck
a noose of pirated thoughts
just for you.
I’ve watched you in a clumsy
shamanic trance
but it is not going to bring you closer.
Not if you keep slipping,
each stumble locking you
deeper and deeper into the ice.
Where I cannot go.

Body Language

If he ever said
that phrase again,
she’d pry her fingernails off.
Seashell pink
she’d pile them
on the glittering countertop sea
in a line he’d never understand.
Emptiness in tiny containers.

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