Thursday, July 12, 2012


I’m strewn around this place limbless legless beheaded 
but my heart remains in my flesh, and my soul... my soul
lingers over the remains of this unfeasible torso as I lay across
this slab, my viscera a buffet of fragments resembling colours in a
Monet landscape portrait all puree as if someone had stuck my brain
into a blender creating a splendid vision locked in transgression as
the sea of tranquility etched in the moon brings about events of
cataclysmic proportions within the relentless of my dismembered body
because it desires to embrace life and death, to envelope around the 
necessary of our counterparts, to guise to heed to respire to savor...
oh how that sea of tranquility awaits me awaits me awaits me 
just to be the death of me the death of me the death of me...

--Devlin De La Chapa


  1. Thanks so much, Visceralians, for publishing this piece!


  2. Hello Devlin, I really like this one.