Monday, November 5, 2012


i so badly want to stick my fingers up my vag
i mean it. i would trade anything in the world
my new suit, my freshly blown hair and this
whole set-up of murphy's law -
my nice house and this air of culture i have to
put up around other women with the same
coifed mane. i just want to dig around the old bush
and scratch the itch with my index if not for the bloody fact that
i just did my nails today. manicure. red as rubies
gleaming evilly at me under the light whilst
someone passes me a glass of red wine in which
i am dying to break the stem with, upon his pompous head.
i would go to jail right now just for that
just for the chance to feel up my blubbery lovely labia.

--Euginia Tan

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