Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Men Sent Off Into Space

it was the year they sent men off into space
not to travel to the moon or Mars, rather
to journey the chasm between deafened ears
brains spilled wholesale into sinkholes
that swallowed the crenellated gray masses whole
some time after women burned their bras and
draftees flamed the fires with their draft cards
created a magic potion that showered one with fortitude
the other with hollowness and intemperate indifference

elephantine weight lifted from them, they
stripped themselves to roam the streets forlorn
in lumberjack shirts and droopy pants,
buttockless bumpkins in their colorful BVDs
astronauts of an earth without dreams,
thumbed clods fixated on monitors and screens
watching feckless selves meander inane highways
their own space

devoid of Aristotle and Archimedes
ancient medicinals for atrophying minds
now narcoleptic apes who deposit semen in jars
that year when descendancy laid a black shroud
on the peoplekind-carnival that
paid obeisance to sharing rhythms
instead, backseat beasts relegated to the earth
the others to missions beyond the stars.

--Sy Roth

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