Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two By Bethany Zelent


These fucking breasts have condemned me

Forced to relinquish my dignity.

                Bitch, whore, wife
                Love of my life

I live where thoughts are a sin.

My barren soul consumed from within

Holy matrimony, my ass.

                Kneel, suck, spit
                Pray it be quick

I live where thoughts are a sin.

Forgotten in this godforsaken kitchen

Tidy after the children.

                  is godliness

I live where thoughts are a sin.

Exploring the Female Orgasm
No. No. I have a headache.
Clothes depart swiftly.
His breath accelerates.
I match its intensity.
Entering the physiological climax.
Trapped Underneath.
I feel the condemnation of missionaries.
He finishes and collapses onto me.
I stare into the distance, imagining what groceries I need.

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