Monday, May 27, 2013

Wild Oats

It is a whole lot easier
to back out of driveways
than marriages;
I don’t know why,
but she was mighty pissed
when Pat told her
he was too young to marry,
there were still wild oats
to sow.
she screamed
"I’ll show you WILD OATS!"
She came at him with a hammer
from the tool box
in the garage.
He thought about hitting her
but remembered the
he ran away
down the street
(falling out of his shoes
a third of the way
as she chased him
still screeching:
Neighbours stood around
on the sidewalk
while I sat on the front steps -
waiting for dinner
or mercy -
counting the ants
that came out of the hole
and made their way
toward the faux brass

--Ryan Flanagan

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In a mad world
The sane are the ones
Who are truly mad

Who wait in line
For the latest version
Of what to do next

Who gather in crowds
For a brief glimpse
Of who to listen to

Who browse magazines
To learn the ways
To avoid mistakes

Who cruise the Internet
To seek out others
Exactly like them

Who go into debt
For tickets to shows
Where nothing goes wrong

Who watch TV
While taking notes
To keep one step ahead

Who believe that dreams
Are to always want more
No matter the cost

--Richard Schnap

Friday, May 3, 2013

Redirecting Hurt

Redirecting hurt, creating feedback loops via individual interfaces,
Makes for “modern wisdom,” socially awkward questions, recalcitrance.

Recording pain for posterity, deconstructing vices, unblocking memories,
Causes railing against extended families’ assumptions, institutional truths.

Expressively crippled adults, raising children, forge new misunderstandings,
Bring about a reluctant habit of answers, establish inelegant verities.

Individual concerns, notwithstanding, inhumane acts scar, maim, otherwise injure,
Rationalize away no wrong, cover up no neglect or abuse, recover nothing.

Past experiences evolve present realisms. Victimhood hangs about orphaned.
Trauma invites unsalvageable moments to linger, smoke a few, return for more.

--KJ Hannah Greenberg

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two By David S. Pointer


All this early out-permanent ecstasy

rapid response condoms ß©ÞW

everybody climbing over Hadrian’s

Wall avoiding commitment, boregasms

finger claw ring bits left at the scene

atop another smoldering relationship

flaccidly held together by denial or fists
Slaughterhouse Lullaby

America had
longer wakeuptime worldview
as if molasses were operating
room anesthesia
held in dank catacombs without
sonic experimentations roping
submersible barbed wire hanging
trees custom fabricated noose-
wear: weird western vests to go

Bondage therapy by appointment only
--David S. Pointer