Friday, May 3, 2013

Redirecting Hurt

Redirecting hurt, creating feedback loops via individual interfaces,
Makes for “modern wisdom,” socially awkward questions, recalcitrance.

Recording pain for posterity, deconstructing vices, unblocking memories,
Causes railing against extended families’ assumptions, institutional truths.

Expressively crippled adults, raising children, forge new misunderstandings,
Bring about a reluctant habit of answers, establish inelegant verities.

Individual concerns, notwithstanding, inhumane acts scar, maim, otherwise injure,
Rationalize away no wrong, cover up no neglect or abuse, recover nothing.

Past experiences evolve present realisms. Victimhood hangs about orphaned.
Trauma invites unsalvageable moments to linger, smoke a few, return for more.

--KJ Hannah Greenberg

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