Friday, December 20, 2013

does anyone take novocaine recreationally?

reckless, starved, cut free
want me hard? take a ticket i’m
salivating for the city, for the streets that run like veins

sat next to a trans porn star on the way into midtown
and said, girl (girl she said) you better believe i’m giving up
the white woman, this is the first new years i’ve been sober in ten
she said, if you wanna come back to work, gimme a call
and i’ll slap you right up with a coupla sissies

taking heart in that in here in her, in the middle of wide open
i’m ringing all around, sweltering in fits of heat
i want to lie down in the street
i want to climb onto you and over you to freedom

come the fuck at me, all you lovers

--Claire Phelan 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Naked Nursery Rhyme

Peter Peter 
fire eater 
had a 

keep her 

He kissed 
that girl 

made her 

His tongue 
could burn 

when would 
she learn 
not to 
play with 

--Valeri Beers