Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holding a Baby

I was tricked into the only
Time I have ever held a baby
A friend of a friend shouted
Here and took off sprinting
I was expecting to grab on
To a beer or maybe an American Spirit
Not a poop producing machine
That passed itself off
As a miniature human
I tried to hold the thing
At arm’s length, but I hadn’t
Been to the gym like I resolved to
And after about 30 seconds
My elbows started quivering
Trying to get a grip
On the morbidly obese creature
So I had to bring it to my lap
But it kept staring at me plotting
When it was going to vomit
All over my mostly clean shirt
It had already sucked the life
From one woman—infecting
Her with its parasitic motivations
So I sat it down on the ground
And tried to escape
But it kept falling over unable
To support its own bulk
And attracting unwanted attention
With its incessant wails
I cautiously extended one toe
Placed it firmly on the slobbering
Beast’s back and made
Sure it stayed upright

I guess even I have some
Maternal instinct
--Jessica Hylton

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