Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Surviving the Street

my name is joe
(if yer asking -
which you ain’t)
although that’s not my name
but one i’ve always thought
could fit me
as an endangered urban tortoise
whose home rat-clatters
as it scutters along the high street 


my stains and my rips
down-and-out chic 
gift wraped in this season’s black plastic 
the colour of passing
stuffed inside 
a wire cage tesco screambucket 
on maladroit wheels
incarcerating one dissipated bag full
of the tatters of yesterdays
and one bag overflowing with wild
debris of deflated bright wonder
that once shone in a child eye galaxy


the grime that dresses me
depresses me
two bin bag joe off his trolley 
forcing screambucket to cross hexed
cracks in the pavement through 
puddled reflections 
of fractured neon attractions

look away

drowned in the sound of traffic
a peripheral smudge 

an illusion 
quick step >escape >too late
i’m in yer face / rank breath
spare a quid for a cuppa mate

-P.A Levy 

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