Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Chew My Fucking Nails Off

I chew my fucking nails off.
For no reason,

Definitely not for the flavor.
The boys would do it for me

If I'd let their furry snouts
And dagger teeth nip at my
Tender hand flesh.
But I won't.

I chew my fucking nails off
On my own, with my own
Gnarled stumps of calcified,

Enamel coated grinders.

My tongue likes the smooth
Underneath and the rigid tops
The textural adventure begins
Once I put my fingers in my mouth.

My nails are parasitic poison,
A gross fact of life
And no amount of soap and clean
Water will stop my eager fingers

From invading my drawbridge lips
And exposing the buds of my
Tongue to the subtle flavors
Of life and dog dander.

There are worse things to put
In your mouth, I'm sure.
Some boys and girls choose cocks
Or feet or silicone dildos.

I chew my fucking nails off
Because it's the only way to be true to myself
I'll admit I enjoy the devilish nonsense
Of reading WebMD article

About hygiene and nail destruction and
Torn cuticles and overexposed nail beds.
I chose fingers and all of the nasty
Microscopic life that comes with it.

--Caseyrenee Lopez