Sunday, January 11, 2015

Halloween Slight of Hand Trick

             Don't be sad pink cat I'm coming back out of the night but it's cold so
      I might not be the same in the morning
          but you liked that about me 
    because even though your eyes don't add up when you're speaking straight
             at me above the noise of your girlfriend's spazzy heart attack 
   as I nuzzle you with a slow dance the others think is 
                                                             because of the size of my
  but wasn't all that a long time ago when the silences promised
one more go around
  when all I wanted was to lie to you for no rewards

to the ones for whom the night-birds dance
                against the scarring mother of the moon
   who holds out my drugged meat in one pale hand
and with the other waves goodbye
            as the roads recede beyond the waterline and I'm glad my pockets are full of 
      stones I picked up beside my mothers gravesite that winter when I killed
    a rabbit for to see the eye-gleam fade out like a movie star 
in a bad ending

                  hoped for by the fans
      who all lined up when I was a kid in my too-big coat
which hid my shaking arms when 
you passed by with a dark look in your
dark eyes because even though
you were too young 
the woman in you knew that what I was feeling
was pure death

          is what I seek on Halloween when the deer-mother trembles
the fallen leaves and the night birds call to eachother then
fall silent when these hands I thought my own
tie clever knots around the old wood which tells me nightlastsbutforyouIdontexistexistexistsexistextexistexist 

--Elan Webster

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  1. Oh this is fabulous:)). Had the hair standing up on the back of my neck at the end...