Sunday, May 10, 2015


A man should have a vise To clamp things downTo be worked onConvolutedBentThe way he wantsYou don’t need a big jaw openingOr jaw widthIt’s nice to haveAn anvil on one sideSo you can smash things on itThroat size doesn’t matter eitherSometimes the littlest thingsAre the ones you need to keep track ofSo they won’t get awayTiny thingsPunyInsignificantSmall enoughTo drive you nutsIf you let themBut you won’tBecause you have aMasterforce Five and a half inchDouble jaw viseClamped to your workbenchAnd so do IGot it yesterdayNow nothing’s going anywhereNone of those little troublesome thingsThat vex meNot todayNever

 --Paul Smith

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