Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm getting chubby with my cat

I'm getting chubby with my cat
Our white bellies relaxing, in disbelief
White bones long gone, now that
White powders are further, their grief

No longer mine, you are what you eat
consumer culture
white plastic bags
drug culture
white wrapped drags
white toilet vultures
Low self esteem is an effective gag

My white belly was a full moon
I would have named her after you
It was too late, and too soon
Three white pills, and my
white washed bathroom
was red for three days

White school halls
white paper tests never got to drag her away
from herself
White washed sexual education
pee stick test
Angry fathers lacerations
Take a drag, away from myself
And yet we hope
That they'll grow up in
Or at least silence

dissociation is an effective gag

--Sophia Kelly

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