Sunday, October 11, 2015

Speak Your Peace: Judas

This piece was originally performed at Cha Island on March 26, 2015 for our local Speak Your Peace! event. It was awesome. You shoulda been.

you can think if you like, the cosmic ebb &flow
is an oddity you’ve come to intimately know
chaos isnt a dance to be memorized
its all improv babe
thrash, weave maybe even land on both feet
that moody sea lulls you to a false stability
then flips ship on you
sometimes im a narwhal
or else im grasping at staying afloat
what tastes worse , the water or the air?
so often peace of mind feels so goddamn remote
i dont know what to do anymore
numb or overrun
masterfully glacial or flash flood
perpetual motion mind & cement in my blood
i dont think i like it
my sober stream of thought
the screaming is too loud
death wails of a planet
clutching a knife wound-oil stain
of human greed and obsession to"succeed"
corruption down to the seed in the core in the rotten blood electric fruit served on rustic pharma fresh style plates
encouraging you to gorge in hopes you die by 62
profiting on providing false cures to you
how can you look at a fellow earthling as scum
turning your mobile investment so you can throw money at another fucking stadium
so many still believe that salvation lies
in the hands of sadistic suits and ties
who strap guns to the hips of ill temperments
compassion and universal love is becoming a crime
words are moving too fast to tell me what is time
countless hours since my eyes last closed
the ride isnt stopping
space seldom tells treacherous tales
so i cast my net, cast my bet and breathe
our silent exchanges always interrupted
because pigs /do/ fly
throat catching reminder of "how it is"
observing the worker ants from up high
we cant make sustainable use of what grows wild
but they can exploit, brutalize and destroy any adult or child
self entitled hording of water
stealing imaginary rights to a resource no one can own
slap on a pretentious label and sling it like smack
best seal off the boardrooms and mansions
i wouldnt wanna be there when nature comes calling for her share
attempting to keep my head clear but this fucked up fantasy dont disappear
but resistance will never be as excrutiating as compliance
a world tip toeing around elitist whims
then survival depends on defiance
with a flick of a switch we could all be dust
keeping up the love is all i can trust
heart always wins the fight
friend i guess im running out of ways to cope
sitting, gazing up a 90 degree slope
bare fists clenching ice
any idea what im doing right now?
any at all


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