Sunday, October 2, 2016

2 Poems by J L Smith

(Editor's Note: I met this amazing poet in Manchester, England.) 

Street Life 

on the street I have no home 
in a doorway all alone 
at night it gets so very cold 
no one for warmth to cuddle or hold 
day after day it's always the same 
people rushing past in the fast lane 
somewhere to go something to do 
oh why can't I have a life like you 
instead I'm sat here on my pitch 
waiting and praying to get that hitch
I have my regulars that stop with a smile 
that makes getting cold worth the while 
sat out here is like Ground Hog Day 
so until I get my break it's just the way.


Me Myself + I 

sat on the edge of Society 
wondering why I am not a priority 
what's come of my Life and come over me 
my Life's in tatters can't you see
begging at the bank every day 
Get a Job Get a Life people say 
I get no benefits just what people give 
to buy food and drink to help me live 
I live on the street a doorway's my bed 
people think I am thick in the head 
it's just 
Me Myself + I 
nobody wants me do you know why 
don't I deserve to live with a smile 
to make my life worth the while. 

-- J L Smith

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