Monday, October 3, 2016

Speak Your Peace: Dr.Q's What's new

This piece was originally performed on March 22 @ Cha Island, as a part of our local Speak Your Peace Event. Wish you could've been there cause it was awesome.

Now, if you could please stop
every fuck-suckin, tickin clock -- cause time will soon be departing
off- on a plane from this existence much like none of your dissonance
Ya must trust its about to get weird and then queerd and then just on and on after thaat
No tricks, I shit you not, I’m a fuckin space warlock
and I got endless treats in my invisible hat
You’ve nothing to fear, unless you take issue with queers
and if so , before you hit the door
lemme lick up them cishet tears
Cause those in the know call me Sharpe and rightfully goddamn so
my syntax will slice you slicker than any razor I wield in my professional field
and with precision my words will envelope your vision much like the glitter I drop as I chopchop
any busy-body cissy that can’t intimidate
So don’t be marshin in my mellow, I don’t hesitate
I will rough up any rough neck
Who thinks they have the audacity
to try and apply their motherfuckin posion to me
Because they can’t magic mischief with the likes of XE
But babes, you have everything in you that you need to be free
So says the sea and so says me
The otherworldly, extra-wordy ne’erdowhale with a fantastical curse
and indeed I’m quite bougie-bullshit adverse
Too sick of choking
So instead I flaunt love and scars like they’re a goddamn crown
Each cicatrix a sequin in my wizardy cloak
Reclaimed craters of the world’s sick tricks
Funkadelic relics of the powers I invoke
Weirdos please yell if you want to get down
I’m no flimsy, all whimsy
if you need that fix just ask cause i tote that shit in a flask
Cause I am the one and every master of mystery
Pipe up, space cadet
take a toke and learn to float
There’s no violence in these cuddle puddles but it can get consensually rough
Disrespect and I spank so good you’ll be biting your cuff
Ruff Ruff - all that tough attitude isn’t current -- so don’t rock my fuckin boat
For the way I sling my sass you’re sure to be defeated
All spies get up and please be seated
Or be bound to trip trying to skip the ripple of my lines
They transcend rhyme and I’m too damn fine
Ya it’s true, whats it to you
I’m 0000x years old and I’ve lived more stories than you’ve ever been told
Cosmic kavortin, teleportin and inciting mass orgies
are but a tip of the defiance and wunder that rushes from my soul
but if the beams too high a psi - lemme mix you a potion to rearrange your commotion
of backseat emotion
Chaos drives but she don’t steer
Maybe grip on to your moxy socks
It’ll probably be fine
Just sneak a quick breath
and pull the cap off your mind

Judas Sharpe

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