Friday, March 17, 2017

Room Mates

So here I am.
in the company
of the world's true assholes.
shit kickers. blood spitters,
ex-dancers from the Foxy Lady.
shoplifters, ball squeezers
and bag snatchers.

I'm hidden
in a ratty apartment
overwhelmed by fleas.
I'm surrounded by stale
cigarette smoke.
walls of candied smut.
I walk on urine floorboards.
I sleep in a garroted gambler's bed.

The last good high
says it best:
Smash the gin bottles.
Crank up the fire
with whatever furniture
is left.
Toss the much-used
condom out the window.
Spare the needle
and spoil the arm.
Throw up in the sink.
while you’re at it.

I live with the worst roommates
necessity could come up with.
But without them.
I could never make the rent.
And without their crazies,
you're not reading this.

--John Grey

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