Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Real Miami

Leave me alone and this thing between us will be alright.
Drop me, along with every single memory along the way.
The feeling I’m feeling, the feeling you feel
When you're feeling low, isn't normal now and maybe never will be. Should be.
I think you’re worthless and I look away every time I see you.
Or at least today. It’s not a
Suicide; it's hard to lock my doors at
Night should you decide to come stumbling in and change the way I feel.
But I should warn you about who I am.
Those feelings you're feeling, aren't normal.
To think: you love me but hate the way I took you down,
Took One Giant Step for Womankind
And now all I can see is just trust,
But it’s not coming from you.

You are you, but don’t you see they're all going to choke
Me? And part of me doesn't want it to stop. But that’s the part you stroke it to.
So please, just drop those thoughts behind you now.
Change your life. You don't need me. To love you.
Remember this when I forfeit that security nightly,
Keeping my doors open for you like a dare,
Thinking I’m wrong to keep you away by making it too
Easy for you. But this is why
You’ll mess with me until I’m numb.
You’ll tie my hands, bind my legs
If I give you no chance or signal.

When I said love is like a
Movie, it’s just a waste of my time,”
You started being an enemy.
“How dare you say that shit,” you said.
And I’m like “Whatever, pussy.”
Meanwhile, I’m defining divinity
by your lips and your hips.

Everybody within the sound of my voice,
Everybody run now break away
Into another time (zone)!
Our unity divides us.
Our division will someday unite everybody.
So run, under the burning sun.

Let’s go, Ramona.
Let's go someplace where he doesn’t come to visit anymore.
Somewhere where he's like smoke-stains on my ceiling,
Anywhere out there where my dreams likewise escape right above my
Head and stay hidden in caves in case my intentions ever

What I am aching to come to terms with
Is that, on level ground, I'm never
Going to get to know the real Miami.
Miami! Hello…and goodbye. Every hour
On the fast road
Is just the bitch in me
Breaking through the harness.

--Misty Rampart