Thursday, June 15, 2017

Late Last Night

she penciled animals with her left hand:
dark pigs and dogs, but “Horses are too hard,”
she said. Self-conscious, with a diamond band,
a tight red dress, a round face acne-scarred,
she had bad teeth because she only brushed
the fronts. She kissed me. I smelled cigarettes,
her Heraclitean fire. Such moods! Blue-hushed,
to black, to blacker yet . . . a thousand yets.
And yet, she said she loved me: “You’re a good
man, just a little rough around the edges.”
I pledged that I’d live wilder if I could.
And then the moon above the cedar hedges . . . 
so white it blinded me till pale daylight.
I dreamed of my dead mother late last night.

--Thomas Zimmerman 

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