Sunday, September 3, 2017

Distorted Siren

Slice me open and lay all my parts
onto the table    examine my liver
soaked through with alcohol      my spine - rotten to the root
look closely at the uterus that has pushed out angels       and devils
in mad mating
we lost track of which were which      doesn’t matter anyhow
because you’re onto the foot that kicked the shit
out of every fucker to allow an unscathed journey
the hand that’s veiny     and yellowed      it’s a man’s hand you say
perhaps it is
the one piece of me besides the rib that your forefathers passed on
the eye      paled blue
almost grey now in a long last look
at what makes you tick      you examine my teeth
white and aligned       nice job
they did up there somewhere you say
you look at the ears      and the nose
pull apart
my heart
it’s a crux of layers
the part of me you saved for last      the crème de la crème
you suck the marrow
from the finest of bone
I’m all cut up
pieces galore yet still
I germ back into
raving bitch
--Donna Dallas

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