Sunday, September 17, 2017


but better days have come
            i wipe the sweat
            smell piss on my knuckles
            abortion residue
            drips down my leg
            dogs will piss on my grave
i’m coming into a moon
            full of pock marks
            jealous old lantern
            lights my night
            lights my route
            down rockaway blvd
            into blue-black alleys
            where i give 20 dollar blowjobs
and in the morning i see Rico at the newsstand
            he gives me free smokes
            tells me to get some money to my kids
            who live with my mother
            or my sister
            maybe even a foster fondler
            who will rip little wombs open
            i need my smack
            i need this pipe
            my lover
            my healer
            i smoke to God
            smoke to the moon
            and forget every crab corroding my body
            every pimp
            that yanked fist fulls of hair from my head
            forget the Siph
            the Gonorrhea
            the HIV
 lead me not into temptation
            i have done only evil
            it fires my peacepipe
            i inhale over and over
            over and over
            i wake up on the street corner
            in the back seat of a car
            in my lice infested bed
            want more
            can’t not want
--Donna Dallas

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