Sunday, October 22, 2017


I am the meeting of countless threads
carrying blood and light and darkness
through the holey bones of reality
the cries of every encounter
the network of complex alignment
the living record of what happens when

I am what I never wanted
what I don't want to claim as part of me
I am what they did, who came before
what I do, and what comes after me
the good and the bad, the violent, the loving
the culmination of everything collected in my bundle
from the spirit world and from this
the poison and the antidote

I am the harmed and the harmer
one who perpetuates
and is harmed by the selfsame

I am a shoreline
I catch relics of wrecked ships and garbage
and cry as I hold the beached whales
and there is a hard to see part of me holding space
for the dumping, the hunting, the violence above and below the waves
I am built by the sea of tears
contribute to its making
and witness to its outcomes

I am what I don't want to see
and what I do
and what I can show
and what I can't

--Dylan Lightbourn 

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