Sunday, February 11, 2018

Real Life

Young people locked away for petty crime, they wanna stop the criminals by giving them time. come politicians won't you listen to me, if you wana stop the crime you have to stop poverty, 'cause everybody living in this society has got the right to live good and with dignity. stop fight amongst yourselves, fight the powers that be for centuries now they've been your worst enemy. dividing the people and confusing our minds, while they stick together just to keep us in line. cause and effect a universal truth, about time the table's turned and we made our move. change up babylon, we can't start again, change up babylon, this system. everytime we plant a seed they dig it up before it grows, it's about time now we plant a seed that sows. deep down in our minds, where nobody goes, so when the time comes we can rise up and overthrow. this topsy-turvy system just has to go. there's a battle going on between the good and the bad, the positive and negative, the yin and the yang. whichever one wins you know is here to stay, that's why the force is here and he's leading us astray. so keep your mind fixed and live the right way, stand up for your rights, in this society, because many leaves fall from an oak tree, even though they fall together, they fall separately. so come together people, keep your identity. going back to your roots, you know that that should be a must, because a tree without roots shall surely bite the dust. one God one destiny, and one fate, war is not the answer, only love can conquer hate. the messenger is coming, on the wings of a dove, the messenger is coming with the message from above. there are many pitfalls, laid by the force, so think where you're going, so you don't get lost. stand up freedom fighters, and take your stance, the table's got to turn, you might not get another chance. so come together people, in one unity, believe in yourselves, God blessed pickney. make peace reality, and give war a miss, cos in the pictures of my mind, this already exists, people finding happiness and living in bliss. walking round the streets with smiles on their faces, black people white people all different races. harmonious music from positive sources, loving people, no negative forces. when you were very young they sent you off to school, conditioning your minds to obey their rules. cloning people to live a dismal life, of hire purchase, mortgage, working 9 to 5. in an abstract way you're like a bee in a hive, working your hardest so the rich can live the life, while your mind's stressed out jus trying to survive. when do you get the chance to find the meaning of life, when you retire from working at the age of 65, you'll know by then it's not your true destiny cos your mind's tired out and you can't see.  they don't want you to find out, that the meaning of life, is without a doubt, finding freedom from material ties, deciphering the truth from within the lies, believing in yourself and the power within, so we can all join with the source and the good shall win!!

--Gregory Tafari