Sunday, March 4, 2018

Two By Holly Day

Why I’m Still Her(e)
When I tried to leave
you came to me and held my hand
called me your love, told me you wanted to fuck me
that was all it took
because I’m easy that way.

I remember thinking
halfway through
that I really should tell you to stop, I mean it
I’m really going to leave this time
but the flickering of the overhead lights was too distracting.

The endless rumble of passing trains
lightning and haphazardly-thrown buckets of rain
kept me close to you, even after that night
it still feels like a sign.

            Of the Long Way

I’m in love with the lonely ones, the hairy jungle children that watch
from beneath the wide spread of green leaves and vinery, clutching rocks
smeared with feces and coconuts meant for throwing. Angry and violent
they are wrapped in thoughts of consequence and self-loathing.

There is a Heaven waiting for them, someplace safe
from people like me. If they come close enough, I will give them
duct tape and gauze to heal their wings, teach them to walk upright
how to act worthy of God. There are stars waiting for them, just past the clouds

once they remember they can fly.

--Holly Day

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