Thursday, May 16, 2019


Too busy struggling to survive within this current paradigm,
If I wait for it to get better I'll die without having changed the suffering of the crying.
I owe the world more than I can give back,
for my survival and holding this consciousness intact.
Have I thought of ending it? More than once.. stepped to the edge and rethought my existence.
Am I willing to put in work to see the world a better place? Is it up to me to spread love and put a smile on her face?
How long can we ignore the signs of our dying planet?
I can't answer this question for everyone but from where I'm standing,
It's up to me to enjoy what experiences I can.
Rome's been burning for a while now and yet I owe it to my son and the future generation, to raise him to know himself and to question if not his existence at least where he comes from.
These thoughts permeate my daily what do I choose to leave as my legacy?
Consume until death?
Or create and breathe life into this reality with my last breath?