Sunday, September 15, 2019

Voice by Dave Hemmings

I could tell you a lot of things. Like 
where I was last night and how much 
beer I drank and how many times I wanted 

to break someone's face open with my fist. I could
describe in detail how people around me seem not to 
matter as much, people in general, all their 

intentions and perspectives and externalized realizations 
cluttering my surroundings. I could sit you down and
explain the ways I function when I am sober and then 

when I am not, how my brain reacts to stimuli 
presented to me without warning. The stories 
I could tell you would challenge your everyday opinions about

the world, about yourself, your matter of being. My voice 
would carry across the space between us and leave you 
lonely and alone. Your face would become ashen and your 

blood would drain into places you never knew existed. It would be
a simple thing, really, without much need for instruction. Look at me: 
If I told you anything else, you'd fucking die. 

--Dave Hemmings

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