Sunday, June 21, 2020

I by Connor Orrico


each headache
or sleepless night
or irritating experience
with health insurance
or financial aid
or apartment plumbing
bleeds another shade
into my collected ideations
of suicide (I am fra/gile),
I am broken broken
reokbn enkorb ebonrk
onbrke rokbne bnreko
(and the nausea)
nebrok nbekor knrobe
boerkn kerbon oeknrb
(ad … nauseam)

--Connor Orrico 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

An Angel's Fall by Charlotte Edwards

If they had said damnation was this sweet
I would have clipped off my wings
Thrown my halo into a river
Cause her kisses are the only taste of heaven I need
Damn anyone who tries to stop me
If there is any gospel to be shared it is her
And like a sinner I would enjoy every minute

--Charlotte Edwards

Monday, February 10, 2020


Visceral Uterus is launching a lifestyle magazine that's spiritually-conscious yet punk AF.

Social responsibility is punk AF. Positivity is punk AF. Kindness is punk AF. Self-care is punk AF.

We're seeking photography, art, poetry, fiction, articles, reviews, and questions for our advice columnist who offers a hard hit of tough love.

Interested columnists should query with their suggested topic.

Send all submissions to with the heading DRUNK MONK SUBMISSION. Paste in the body of the email, as per usual. The magazine will get its own email in time. Be patient, will ya?

Any poetry/stories submitted to Visceral Uterus will also be considered for publication in the magazine.

Extra points for lifestyle columnists in the Toronto area!

Lots of love,

C E Hoffman