Plunge through your psyche’s epidermis.

We want the sweatingsearingsweetgorgeous shit that is the human condition.

Don't give us writing, give us ORGANS!
Make us feel. Make us think.


Stink with grit.

Be a paint splatter. Be a mosh pit. Be Irvine Welsh's acid trip.

Be Kathy Acker. Elise Cowen. Angela Davis' headbanging twin. 

Swears. Drugs. Love. Yum. 

For poetry: Not too long please. Poems one stanza or less are more likely to be considered for print editions.

We used to feature fiction but I can’t anymore; my attention span sucks. Sorry.

Paste your manuscript in the body of your email to

If you’re rejected, you will ALWAYS receive a personal reply. None of that faceless form-letter crap. The downside is you’re going to have to wait a while, whether the news is bad or good. If you’re not okay with waiting for MONTHS (yes, MONTHS!), I totally get it, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.


"Dear Editor". 

Sending multiple submissions while your first is still pending response. PLEASE await our feedback! :) (Multiple poems in one email are still fine.)

Bios. Omit unless they're funny ironic or real. I don't care where you've been published, or if you've been published at all!  You are a Person, not a product.

Psst! Want more dirty lil’ secrets on what makes me tick? (And purr? And hiss?) Check out mine and ex-editor Jenn's smashing interview with Jim Harrington:

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Keep it visceral! 


  1. How long does it usually take for you guys to respond?

    1. Hey Rebecca! We seldom take longer than two days but may respond faster or slower depending on how many submissions we get. If it's been several weeks and you've gotten no word, send us an email as we've probably lost you somewhere. : )

      --Ms. Taylor Adams